Captain Brows Tint Kit
Captain Brows Tint Kit
Captain Brows Tint Kit
Captain Brows Tint Kit
Captain Brows Tint Kit
Captain Brows Tint Kit
Captain Brows Tint Kit
Captain Brows Tint Kit
Captain Brows Tint Kit
Captain Brows Tint Kit
Captain Brows Tint Kit

Captain Brows Tint Kit

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Everything you need to wake up with bold brows every day—no makeup needed.


  • Captain Brows brow tint 
  • Spongy Scrubber 

Why You'll Love it

    Developed to create the boldest brows with the least mess and waste. 

      • Clean and efficient: Our revolutionary application system is hassle-free, mess-free, and trash-free

      • Fitted applicator: Our small and mighty spherical tint brush coats each individual brow hair for precise, quick application with maximum coverage and minimal product waste

      • Long-Wear: Bold yet natural-looking color lasts 2-4 weeks with each application

      • Eco-friendly: Go green by ditching wasteful cotton balls and disposable makeup wipes in exchange for our pillowy-soft, reusable, microfiber makeup remover pouf!
      • Skip the salon, and save: A typical tint at a salon will run you $25 + tip. Stay safe at home while saving your wallet too. Each tube contains about 4-6 applications. 

    Color Recommendations 

    We provide a more subtle and a more bold option of tint color based on hair color. We recommend matching your brow color to your darkest roots. 

    Blonde: Sandy Brown (warmer) or Medium Brown (cooler, left on for 3-5 mins)

    Strawberry Blonde: Light Auburn, Sandy Brown, Dark Auburn, or Warm Brown

    Red: Light Auburn, Dark Auburn, or Warm Brown

    Brunette (warm tone): Warm Brown or Medium Brown 

    Brunette (cool tone): Medium Brown or Dark Brown

    Black: Dark Brown or Natural Black 

    Greying: Match to non-greying hair coloring 

      How to

        1. Start with clean, dry brows! (it is important they are grease-free and dry).
        1. (Optional) Apply vaseline to skin surrounding brows to avoid tinting unwanted areas.
        2. Apply TINT (coral side) evenly to both brows. You will need two (2) brushfuls of tint to cover each brow, and we recommend applying the first brushful from the innermost point of the brow to the center point, and applying the second brushful from the center point to the outer corner.
        3. Apply DEVELOPER (white side), using one (1) brushful between both brows (1/2 brush per brow).
        4. **IMPORTANT** Before placing the DEVELOPER brush back in the tube, use dry SPONGY SCRUBBER (or tissue) to remove any remaining product from the developer brush. Mixed product CANNOT be stored and the brush must be wiped clean before it is replaced into the tube.
        5. Comb through brows using the extra brow brush provided to distribute product evenly.
        6. Leave the product on brows to develop for 5-20 minutes depending on desired boldness.
        7. Remove product from brows after 5-20 minutes using damp SPONGY SCRUBBER (or make-up wipe). 


      New to brow tinting? Here are some pointers. You got this!

      • Wear gloves 
      • Start by leaving the tint on your brows for only 5-7 minutes
      • You can fill gaps in brows with tint (this color can last up to 3 days) Skipper Spoolie highly recommended for added precision when filling in gaps!
      • After removing the tint, wait at least 30 mins before deciding if you want to go bolder (tint continues to develop on brows after removing)
      • Re-tint for another 5-10 mins if desired
      • Keep in mind, the color is its boldest the first few days and then settles the remaining weeks, so we recommend going slightly bolder than your desired ultimate results.


      TINT INGREDIENTS: Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Stearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate, Toluene-2, 5-Diamine Sulfate, Bisabolol Methylparaben, Resorcinol, Propylparaben

      PEROXIDE DEVELOPER INGREDIENTS: Water, Hydrogen Peroxide, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Laneth-15, Disodium EDTA, Phosphoric Acid, Tetrasodium, Pyrophosphate  



      Customer Reviews

      Based on 10 reviews
      Karli filips

      I am a natural, dirty blonde, and have been getting my eyebrows tinted at the salon. I always have problems with the color at the salon because they try and give me a brunette color or they’ll give me some thing and it will make my eyebrows orange. I am so happy I found this and it works perfectly for blondes. I only leave it on for about four minutes. It’s also very easy to apply and has lasted me about six applications so far.

      Julie Marie
      Love! Finally the perfect match for redheads

      I’m over the moon with my results! As a redhead it’s hard to find eyebrow pencils and brow tint that compliment my complexion and hair color. This is perfect. The product is so easy to use and the look is natural. Love!!!!

      Rebecca Young
      Worked like a charm

      Warning about developer return to case should be Louder! So automatic to just stick back in case

      CJ Johnson
      great for a subtle tint!

      my eyebrows are naturally a dark brown, but the dark auburn made it a nice, natural looking auburn after leaving it on for about 45 minutes two nights in a row. will purchase again!

      Bethany Maidon

      Starter Tint Kit