Captain Brows Tint Kit Video Instructions

How to/tips and tricks for using Lobster Breakfast Beauty's "Captain Brows" DIY brow tint kit.
Sachi uses Captain Brows in shade "Warm Brown" and leaves her tint on for 15 minutes.
  1. Start with clean, dry brows! (it is important they are grease- free and dry).
  2. (Optional) Apply vaseline to skin surrounding brows to avoid tinting unwanted areas.
  3. Apply TINT (coral side) evenly to both brows. You will need two (2) brushfuls of tint to cover each brow, and we recommend applying the first brushful from the innermost point of the brow to the center point and applying the second brushful from the center point to the outer corner. To fill gaps in brows, transfer a bit of TINT onto SKIPPER SPOOLIE (angled brush side) and create hair-like strokes with tint. Follow up with captain brows DEVELOPER.
  4.  Apply DEVELOPER (white side), using one (1) brushful between both brows (1/2 brush per brow).
  5. **IMPORTANT** Before placing the DEVELOPER brush back in the tube, use dry SPONGY SCRUBBER (or tissue) to remove any remaining product from the developer brush. Mixed product CANNOT be stored and the brush must be wiped clean before it is replaced into the tube.
  6. Comb through brows using the extra brow brush provided to distribute product evenly.
  7. Leave the product on brows to develop for 5-20 minutes depending on desired boldness.
  8. Remove product from brows after 5-20 minutes using damp SPONGY SCRUBBER
  9. Thoroughly wash brows with a gentle cleanser and hang SPONGY SCRUBBER to dry on your CAPTAIN HOOK!