Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Captain Brows brow tint

Color can last up to 6 weeks with an average of 2-3 weeks. Color longevity depends on natural brow color/thickness, oil production, and cleansing frequency. For most, we recommend tinting every 2-3 weeks for best brow upkeep!

You can leave the tint on your brows 5-20 minutes depending on how bold you want your brows. For those new to tinting, we recommend leaving the tint on your brows for 5 minutes to start. After removing the tint, wait at least 30 mins to decide if you want to go bolder (color continues to develop after removing). Re-tint for another 5-10 minutes if you wish to go bolder. Keep in mind, color is its boldest the first few days and then settles for the remaining weeks, so we recommend going slightly bolder than desired final outcome!

For the tint to work optimally, it is important that your brows are not greasy or wet. We recommend washing your brows of any makeup, oil, or dirt with an oil-free cleanser and thoroughly drying before tinting. 

Tinting your brows saves you time and money! Brow tinting offers bold yet natural results that last up to 6 weeks—no makeup needed! Defined eyebrows frame your face and give you that effortless "no-makeup" look. 

Yes! Because our formula utilizes a peroxide developer, our tint is able to fully penetrate and cover greying brow hairs. 

Yes! Captain Brows brow tint will fill any gaps in your brows by tinting the skin under your brow hairs. This color can last usually up to 3 days. For added precision and control, we recommend transferring a bit of TINT from Captain Brows on to the angled brush of Skipper Spoolie and creating hair-like strokes to fill in gaps when tinting. 

Shipshape brow soap

1. Dampen your spoolie brush (spray bottle works best)

2. Gently rub spoolie brush against the brow soap 

3. Brush brows into desired shape

Brow soap achieves that effortless "no-makeup makeup" look by making your brows look fuller and styled without any extra color or clumping. Shipshape brow soap feels much cleaner than sticky gel, and provides exceptional hold for perfectly styled yet natural looking brows. 

Spongy Scrubber reusable makeup remover sponge

Yes! We recommend placing your reusable Spongy Scrubber in a mesh bag before cleaning it in the washing machine. For regular use and cleaning, simply rinse out your Spongy Scrubber with warm water in the sink, and hang to dry by its tag.  

The average woman uses 700+ makeup wipes per year—just think about all that trash! Not to mention, just 1 pack of makeup wipes usually costs around $10+, so using a reusable pad saves you tons of money.